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Training a proactive military response
that can meet and manage modern threats

Our training curriculum and services are grounded in practicality and are meticulously streamlined for military application. Our approach is informed by an extensive history of real-world experience in diverse locales such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza Strip, and Israel.

At Instinctive Shooting, we hold ourselves to a standard of excellence that surpasses conventional professional training practices. Our program ensures that military personnel and operators are equipped with the knowledge, confidence, and proficiency to respond to hostile situations resulting from asymmetrical warfare with agility and effectiveness.

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Provided Services

Training That increases Military Competencies

Micro Environment Anti Terrorist Combatant

The most comprehensive, advanced, and up-to-date antiterrorist tactical course currently offered today in the US. The 4-week course curriculum contains all the warfare foundations of fighting terror.

Riot And Mob Control

Federal and State statutes in the U.S. permit law enforcement agencies from various branches, to enforce law and the order, and to increase public safety. The goal of this course is to train operators in command and control during various levels of crowd violence.

Urban Sniper – Anti-Terrorism

When the success of an entire mission depends on one or a few crack marksmen, pinpoint accuracy is of the essence. Training military and law enforcement to this level of excellence demands precise simulation of actual scenarios in any condition.

Urban Selective Reflex & Point Shooting

In this course, students will learn accurate and superior handgun skills using natural instincts, draw & point, and accurately firing in one second, battle-proven scenarios using a close-quarters combat system, and more.

Urban Assault Rifle — Anti-Terrorist

In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of marksmanship, Practice and execute dynamic assault, learn individual/team tactics, practice night/adverse light shooting, and much more.

Urban Rapid Deployment/Assault For CRT, HRT, SORT & Hostage Rescue

In this course, students will learn advanced tactics for rifles and pistols, command and control procedures, strategic thinking, effective rapid deployment during multiple terrorist and criminal incidents, and more.

Mobile Force Protection Training

Students will be exposed to terrorists' Modus Operandi, based on recent case scenarios, both locally and abroad. Participants will learn new combat procedures in a hostile enemy environment.

Transportation Intervention – Tubular Assault

This course will cover linear and 360 degrees assault techniques, deploying, assessing, and stacking prior to an attack, learning the team structure and role of each combatant, identifying specialized gear for tubular intervention, and more.

CQB/CQC Course

Urban terrain is and will stay the main area of operations in the future, and the main gaps in CQB training which is of great importance to properly prepare tactical level forces to the operational challenge in the urban terrain.

I.E.D.D. (Improvised Explosive Device Disposal) Training

ISI offers unparalleled state-of-the-art IEDD training and related products due to our extensive combat experience in this arena. The course may be customized and will expose the student to new and highly unique tactics in dealing with IEDs.

KRAV MAGA – Israel’s Unarmed Fighting System

Courses conducted by top Israeli Instructors, certified by The Israeli Krav Maga Federation.

Our Military Clients
Our Feedback

What clients say

“ISI Training Center provided our troops with mission-specific training geared to address the threats to our current deployment and operational environment.”
U.S. Navy Seals
“Instinctive Shooting International has brought some things to our attention that we had not thought about otherwise. It’s more technical, more advanced, and we plan on having a relationship with them for a while to ensure that our people are prepared and ready to respond.”
Chief Deputy at Harris County Constable Precinct 3
Kirk W. Bonsal
“Overall the ISI training was the best investment for training our Soldiers for survivability and effectiveness in a combat environment. ”
3rd Battalion, U.S.M.C.
Sniper Platoon Commander
“The instructor was very knowledgeable of his subject. He gave us an eye-opening training.”
San Antonio Police Department
Dignitary Protection
“In my 18 years of law enforcement, this is the finest firearms training I have ever received. I want to see more of this!”
St. Petersburg Police Department
“This course enabled us to do more than we thought possible. Best class I ever taken!”
Houston Metro SWAT

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