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Commitment to Excellence

We believe in training and services that not only meets, but exceeds current professional standards. We firmly believe in proactive, innovative and practical methods that work in the real world.

Since 1999, Instinctive Shooting Int’l has successfully provided high caliber training and consulting services to Police Departments, SWAT teams, Military Forces, Government Agencies and Private Security entities throughout the United States.
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Law Enforcement

Officers who are well-trained can rapidly execute a well-coordinated response and substantially reduce the risk of injury or loss of life for themselves, the general public and offenders.

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The result is a well prepared military and police force which has the confidence, competency and skill level to rapidly and effectively respond to a range of hostile situations from threats and incidents.

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Domestic or international missions, visible or covert; Instinctive Shooting operators are trained to identify and react to threats and vulnerability points in order to minimize or avoid potential risks.

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Private Sector

The general public has become the prime target of attacks, especially large populated buildings such as schools, malls, hospitals and business places, since they are considered “soft targets”.

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