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In the United States, most institutional training is designed with a "One-size fits all" mentality, which can be woefully inadequate when an active shooter event unfolds. Additional training can help officers better understand the mindset and tactics of domestic terrorists and active shooters. This can enable them to respond more effectively to potential threats and minimize casualties.  To face today's ever-increasing challenges to public safety, law enforcement agencies must invest in training for active shooter and terrorism response.  Such investment can have numerous benefits that can save lives during threat scenarios. By helpings officers develop the necessary skills and knowledge to respond effectively to active shooter and terrorism incidents, tragedies can be mitigated, or completely subverted. 

Instinctive Shooting International has successfully trained thousands of police officers and SWAT teams. Our unique courses incorporate the latest techniques in counter-terrorism tactics and can be tailored to a variety of operating environments (urban, bus, train, crowds). We also customize our modules based on current officer skill and experience level, unit designation (Patrol, Tactical First Responder, SWAT), operating conditions (day shift, night shift), and legal parameters

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Training Tailored to Law Enforcement

Instructor Pistol Course

The objective is for each student to understand, have the ability to perform, and have the ability to instruct others in the proper carry and employment of the service pistol for routine duties and force protection during security cooperation operations.

Israeli Selective Point & Reflex Shooting

Learn the history of instinctive point shooting (aka Reflex Shooting), understand the difference between point shooting and other techniques, identify the advantages and disadvantages of point shooting, and more

2-Day Tactical Rappelling Level 1 Vertical Solutions

This is an enrichment course and designed for attendees with existing basic to advanced experience with tactical rappelling.

Active Shooter And Mass Shooting Incidents, Rapid Deployment/Assault For CRT, HRT, SORT

The course covers numerous topics, including history and case studies of mass shooting incidents in the US and around the world, rifle and pistol advanced tactics, command and control procedures, and strategic thinking. Medical Form on file required.

Rapid Active Shooter Emergency Response R.A.S.E.R

Lone officer and team tactics to respond to mass killing incidents and Intervention in High-Risk Zones (HRZ)

School Mega Terror Intervention And Active Shooter

Designed for first responder and crisis response teams to teach operators immediate response drills and rapid deployment for primary and escalated “Mega Terrorism” scenarios in the campus/school environment. upon completion, trainees will be able to differentiate between various hostiles and their objectives.

Civil Unrest And Riot Control

Federal and State statutes in the United States authorize law enforcement agencies to enforce law and the order and to increase public safety. Experience shows that a simple gathering has the potential to escalate into an armed and violent civil unrest

S.W.A.T. Special Weapons And Tactics

This course teaches the history of SWAT units in the US and around the world, identifying the most advanced team and personal gear and technology. Students will learn how to organize a tactical response team and identify the needed gear and organize a front command communication center, plus more. Medical Form on file required.

CQB/CQC Instructor Course

Urban terrain is and will stay the main area of operations in the future, and the main gaps in CQB training which is of great importance to properly prepare tactical level forces to the operational challenge in the urban terrain

Surveillance Counter Surveillance – Creating The Invisible Unit

Designed for Police, Military, and Government operators and taught by Senior-Level Instructors in Israeli Military and Police veterans, this course covers foot and mobile techniques, CQB shooting techniques, and combat shooting in close quarters and crowds.

Transportation Intervention – Tubular Assault

This course will cover linear and 360 degrees assault techniques, deploying, assessing, and stacking prior to attack, learning the team structure and role of each combatant, identifying specialized gear for tubular intervention, and more.

Terrorism Seminars

This course is designed for Police chiefs andIntelligence Personnel and covers topics such as the history and pillars of radical Islam, suicide terrorism, major terrorist incidents, terrorist modus operandi, and much more.

Krav Maga - Israeli Fighting System

Courses conducted by top Israeli Instructors, certified by The Israeli Krav Maga Federation.

Assault Rifle -- Anti-Terrorist

In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of marksmanship, Practice and execute dynamic assault, learn individual/team tactics, practice night/adverse light shooting, and much more.

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Our Feedback

What clients say

“ISI Training Center provided our troops with mission-specific training geared to address the threats to our current deployment and operational environment.”
U.S. Navy Seals
“Instinctive Shooting International has brought some things to our attention that we had not thought about otherwise. It’s more technical, more advanced, and we plan on having a relationship with them for a while to ensure that our people are prepared and ready to respond.”
Chief Deputy at Harris County Constable Precinct 3
Kirk W. Bonsal
“Overall the ISI training was the best investment for training our Soldiers for survivability and effectiveness in a combat environment. ”
3rd Battalion, U.S.M.C.
Sniper Platoon Commander
“The instructor was very knowledgeable of his subject. He gave us an eye-opening training.”
San Antonio Police Department
Dignitary Protection
“In my 18 years of law enforcement, this is the finest firearms training I have ever received. I want to see more of this!”
St. Petersburg Police Department
“This course enabled us to do more than we thought possible. Best class I ever taken!”
Houston Metro SWAT

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