Achieving Superior Performance Through Operational Readiness™

Our training methodology, based on Israeli military techniques,
is field-tested and highly effective in protecting
public safety and maintaining law and order.
Who We Are

Proven Reputation with Measurable Results

Instinctive Shooting International, LLC sets itself apart from other providers by offering tactical and counter-terror courses that are tailored to simulate the actual operating environment of the individual and team.

Our ISI Training Center facilitates tactical training and security engagements of all types and sizes. These include those at the highest levels of the federal government to state and city-level agencies, educational campuses, businesses, and social centers at the local level.

With extensive experience, we enable law enforcement, military, government operators, and law-abiding citizens to establish secure environments and save lives in the face of threatening extremists, terrorist or criminal acts.

Who We Serve

Law Enforcement

Officers who are well-trained can rapidly execute a well-coordinated response and substantially reduce the risk of injury or loss of life.


A well-prepared military has the skill level to rapidly and effectively respond to a range of hostile situations from threats and incidents.


Instinctive Shooting operators are trained to identify and react to threats and vulnerability points in order to minimize or avoid potential risks.

Private Sector

Considered “soft targets”, the general public has become the prime target of attacks, especially schools, malls, hospitals, and businesses

Effective training solutions for active shooter, counter-terrorism events and more

Our Feedback

What clients say

“ISI Training Center provided our troops with mission-specific training geared to address the threats to our current deployment and operational environment.”
U.S. Navy Seals
“Instinctive Shooting International has brought some things to our attention that we had not thought about otherwise. It’s more technical, more advanced, and we plan on having a relationship with them for a while to ensure that our people are prepared and ready to respond.”
Chief Deputy at Harris County Constable Precinct 3
Kirk W. Bonsal
“Overall the ISI training was the best investment for training our Soldiers for survivability and effectiveness in a combat environment. ”
3rd Battalion, U.S.M.C.
Sniper Platoon Commander
“The instructor was very knowledgeable of his subject. He gave us an eye-opening training.”
San Antonio Police Department
Dignitary Protection
“In my 18 years of law enforcement, this is the finest firearms training I have ever received. I want to see more of this!”
St. Petersburg Police Department
“This course enabled us to do more than we thought possible. Best class I ever taken!”
Houston Metro SWAT
Who We've Trained
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Meet the Founder

Hanan Yadin

Born and raised in Israel, Hanan started his career in security operations early when he was selected by the Israeli government to be a covert school marshall at the age of 16. He went on to serve in both the Israeli military and in the counter-terrorism unit of the Israeli Secret Service. With over 30 years of experience in Israeli active shooter and counter-terrorism response, Hanan is the only provider of such training in the United States today.


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