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Advanced Tactical Training and Global Security Services
G-3, G-2 Training

ISI provides Advanced Tactical Training and customized Anti-terrorism solutions for the military, law enforcement, first responders, government and private industry. We also offer Physical Security Services to the maritime industry, corporations and private individuals domestically and worldwide.

Advanced Tactical Training

Our mission is to offer the best training with the most up-to-date and enhanced combat tactics available.  ISI’s tactical courses and customized mission specific training solutions are about performance, with a focus on fast-paced action oriented instruction that teaches the operator how to fight and fully prepares them for high stress combat conditions domestically and abroad.

ISI has access to a 25 acre advanced MOUT training center that combines state of the art technology (AAR Process and Theater) and a highly realistic learning environment to provide a superior training experience. ISI’s instructors are seasoned experts with extensive combat experience in fields that include Anti-terrorism, Special Operations, Tactical Response, Urban-based Policing, Intelligence-Counter Intelligence, Asymmetric Warfare, Combat Training and Explosives.

Global Security Services

ISI’s physical security services and solutions help industry and individuals respond to threats and crisis situations anywhere in the world on land and at sea. From outbreaks of violence and terrorism to natural disasters and unforeseen situations, ISI is available 24/7 to deploy a boots-on-the-ground team of elite security specialists and escorts to protect business assets, private property and individuals in high risk and crisis zones. In addition, ISI offers a full range of security solutions for the maritime industry including consulting, anti-piracy training and guards to protect vessels operating in hostile environments.

Integrating Israel best practices with American training
to provide the best of both worlds

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