Urban Selective Reflex/Point Shooting (price per person)




• Accurate and Superior handgun skills using natural instincts.
• Draw, Point, and accurately fire in one second.
• Battle proven scenarios using a Close-Quarters combat system.
• Highly effective and “Easy to Learn” adoptive technical skills.
• MOUT drills.
• Learn the history of instinctive point shooting (aka Reflex Shooting)
• Understand the difference between point shooting and other techniques
• Identify the advantages and disadvantages of point shooting
• Use natural body mechanisms combined with shooting techniques
• Learn to draw, point and shoot accurately in one second
• Learn and practice dynamic drills under stressful and unexpected situations
• Shoot from 0-15 yard distances
• Shoot behind barricades
• Learn 360/180 CQB techniques
• Learn combat skills in a non “sterile’” environment
• Learn target discrimination under intense conditions
• Learn reloading techniques under stress
• Shoot from kneeling and prone
• Shoot from unusual positions