Texas License To Carry (LTC) Class (price per person)



LTC Course content:

1. Texas DPS gun laws
2. Use of deadly force
3. Non-violent dispute resolution
4. Concealed and open carry, requirements and restrictions
5. Firearm storage & child safety
6. Handgun evaluation
7. Basic marksmanship
8. Final written test
9. Handgun proficiency

Information about this class:
Must be legal resident, must be 21 or older with valid photo ID or 18 or older if currently serving in or honorably discharged from the US military. Extra for state fee, gun rental and ammunition, gun range fee is included. Not valid for fingerprinting. You MUST practice with a handgun prior to class. To qualify you must pass (70%) both TX DPS written test and handgun proficiency. ISI offers personal handgun classes.