Security Courses For Busy Professionals (Group Price)



The four hour course is only theoretical/classroom.

Directed To: Operators, Executives, Dignitaries, Diplomats and their families.
With security considerations in mind, personnel from various sectors will reduce personal risk and ensure the safe handling and success of their objectives.

The Operator Self Defense© course will expose the operator to various preventive measures against potential risks, which include kidnapping, sabotage, extortion, harassment, illegal trafficking and acts of terror.
The goal will be achieved by introducing the attendees to “no-nonsense” principles of preventive measures and proactive actions, identifying threats and vulnerability evaluation in order to minimize or avoid potential risks.

Participants will learn:
• Who are the bad guys?
• Preventive measures & pre-planning strategies.
• Safe travel practices.
• Hotel safety procedures.
• Safety driving tactics.
• Firearms familiarization (Lecture & Range option).

Course taught by top International instructors.