School Mega Terror Intervention And Active Shooter (price per person)



Medical Form on file required.
First Responder and Crisis Response Team

Directed To: Full time State & Federal members of Law Enforcement of the United States.

• To teach the operators immediate response drills and rapid deployment for primary and escalated “Mega Terrorism” scenario in the campus/school environment.
• Trainee will be able to differentiate between various hostiles and their objectives.

The trainees will be able to:
• Establish a relation with schools in their jurisdiction, which will define the responsibilities of the school executives and the police.
• Know the difference between Active-Shooter, Terrorist, or Criminal.
• Establish a command control, deployment and intervention tactics during “Mega Terrorism” event.
• Learn handgun and long rifle tactics in the school environment: entry, room clearing, hallway, stairwell, and evacuation procedures.
• Provide intelligence to SWAT or special task force when they arrive to the scene.
• Identify various Improvised Explosive Devices and their components currently discovered in Israel and worldwide, used by terrorists.
Course taught by top International instructors