Mobile Force Protection Training (price per person)




Students will be exposed to terrorists Modus Operandi, based on recent case scenarios ongoing both locally and abroad. Participants will learn new combat procedures in a hostile enemy environment.

Topics and Goals:
Surveillance Detection Skills; Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED) training; Individual Force Protection Measures; Off-Road Driving/Limited Visibility Driving; All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) training; Evasive Driving Skills; Counter Force Offensive Driving and Ramming tactics; Mounted Counter Ambush Drills; Dead Man Takeover exercises and Wounded Teammate drills; Less than Lethal Weapons training; Terminal Ballistic effects during vehicle ambushes; Field Expedient Bulletproofing; and Live Fire Vehicle Counter Ambush Drills. Training is designed to improve each operator’s ability to survive and counter mounted/vehicular ambushes and improvised explosive devices.

• Operational driving, 4X4
• Four wheeler driving, recon
• Convoy at night, two-car, day/night
• Driving in dusty conditions
• Driving with night vision
• Operational rescue
• Pursuit after an enemy vehicle, ramming, role-over the vehicle
• Convoy protection procedures in case of a mechanical problem
• Evasive maneuvers

Location: US Military Bases, LE Training Centers.
Training aids and instructors will be provided by ISI.
Students must bring their own protective gear and weapons (M9, M4)

The instruction team will have 3 specialists per class, each one an expert in military mobile force protection, counter terrorist combat and special operations. References and past performance are available per request. On site training per request.