Instructor Pistol Course (price per person)



ISI Training Center shall provide a five (5) day pistol employment and coaching course at the Department’s training site.

Pistol Employment and Coaching Course
ISI Training Center shall provide academic and performance evaluated training to attain
knowledge, understanding, and performance for the listed subjects in the curriculum below.

Classroom and practical exercise – Fundamentals of Pistol
Marksmanship, body mechanics, gear and gear setup:

• Draw stroke
• Corrective actions for stoppages and malfunctions
• Stance
• Grip
• Sight acquisition
• Reloads under stress
• Multiple target engagements
• Target transitions
• Shooting on the move
• Dominant hand only shooting
• Support hand only shooting
• Shooting from unconventional positions
• Shooting from behind cover
• Concealed weapon shooting drills

Train the Trainer – Instructing and coaching others in the above listed pistol employment skills.

Classroom instruction – Geometries of fire in structures.

Classroom instruction practical exercise – Considerations for concealed carry.

Schedule – Except for first day 0700 hrs, class will start each day at 0800 hrs and will end at 1700 hrs.

All students shall be trained with their own service pistols.

The objective is for each student to understand, have the ability to perform, and have the ability to instruct others in the proper carry and employment of the service pistol for routine duties and force protection during security cooperation operations. Students will be able to take these skills and implement them in their POI.

ISI Training Center will provide academic course materials for all courses to include course outline, student handouts, and evaluation/testing results and deliver them to the designated unit/agency.