Civil Unrest And Riot Control (2 Day) (price per person)




• Federal and State statutes in the United States authorizes law enforcement agencies to enforce law and the order and to increase public safety.
• Experience shows that a simple gathering has the potential to escalate into an armed and violent civil unrest.

Directed To:
Military units, City, State and Federal law enforcement agencies of the United States.

Operators will learn and practice command and control strategies during various levels of public disturbances and civil unrests.

To elevate the operational capabilities of crowd control units to deal with the three levels of crowd gatherings –
• Licensed assembly, parades & demonstrations
• Unlicensed violent crowd disturbances
• Civil unrest, armed rioters

UNIT 1. Learn History of Civil Unrest Domestic and International
UNIT 2. Learn Legal Aspects and Definitions of Various Public Disturbances
UNIT 3. Learn Deployment Strategies and Preparedness
UNIT 4. Practice Unified Response & Training Requirements
UNIT 5. Learn How to Deal with Armed Rioters in A Major Civil Unrest
UNIT 6. Learn Civil Unrest & Riot Control Scenario Based Training and Evaluation

Note: this training program is per agency invitation only. Contact us via phone or email to schedule a class.