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Instinctive Shooting Int’l has successfully trained thousands of police officers and SWAT teams. Our unique courses incorporate the latest techniques in counter-terrorism tactics and can be tailored to a variety of operating environments (urban, bus, train, crowds). We also customize our modules based on current officer skill and experience level, unit designation (Patrol, Tactical First Responder, SWAT), operating conditions (day-shift, night-shift) and legal parameters.

Excellence in policing is best achieved by elevating individual as well as team operational capabilities. Officers First-On-The-Scene who are well-trained can rapidly execute a well-coordinated response and substantially reduce the risk of injury or loss of life for themselves and the general public.


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    We conduct a class with a minimum of 12 paid trainees and maximum 40. The host agency will be responsible to fill the class and must provide a safe training facility. Please refer to the Hosting a Group page for further information by clicking here.

“I had the pleasure of attending two classes, taught by Hanan, in the past at the Allstate Center in St. Petersburg, FL. About a year ago, I was involved in a shooting, where the suspect had murdered a person and entered into a business with the intention of killing others. I was able to respond and engage the shooter, who then made me the target. With the training I received, I was able to remain calm, advance on the suspect and engage the suspect with my firearm at a close range. I am very thankful for the training I received, which was applicable in my situation, and wanted to let you know. Keep up the great work!”
Police Officer, Tarpon Springs City PD, First Responder