Hosting a Group

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We conduct a class with a minimum of 12 paid trainees and maximum 40. The host agency will be responsible to fill the class and must provide a safe training facility. Contact us today for any questions and to get started.

Requirements for Hosting Agencies

  1. The primary host agency must be a state or local law enforcement agency, or military installation.
  2. Each class is required to be filled with sworn state and local law enforcement officers from multiple agencies and federal or military personnel.
  3. A classroom capable of seating up to 30 people, shoothouse or building (two stories preferred), outdoor shooting range (minimum 25 yards), portable target stands (preferred), silhouette targets (5 per student).
  4. The host agency will be responsible for registration. We will post the class to our website under ‘ENROLL’, and list the POC’s contact information for registration. Under special circumstances, we can remove the class from the website at the agency’s request.
  5. The host agency is responsible for the advertisement of the class. We will provide you the course flyer for distribution.
  6. ISI TRAINING CENTER will issue certificates for all classes and, in Texas, we will report hours to TCOLE.
  7. In the event a class can’t be filled, ISI TRAINING CENTER reserves the right to open registration nationwide or cancel the class.
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  • Reminder

    Please send registration and tuition to Instinctive Shooting Int’l no later than 15 days prior to the course date.

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“I had the pleasure of attending two classes, taught by Hanan, in the past at the Allstate Center in St. Petersburg, FL. About a year ago, I was involved in a shooting, where the suspect had murdered a person and entered into a business with the intention of killing others. I was able to respond and engage the shooter, who then made me the target. With the training I received, I was able to remain calm, advance on the suspect and engage the suspect with my firearm at a close range. I am very thankful for the training I received, which was applicable in my situation, and wanted to let you know. Keep up the great work!”
Police Officer, Tarpon Springs City PD, First Responder