Instinctive Shooting Int’l is constantly seeking the most qualified and the most skilled personnel for its missions domestically and internationally.

The professionalism of our Instructors & Operators is their ability to correctly perform their duties through striving to constantly excel in and improve Instinctive Shooting Int’l’s image and reputation and their personnel’s individual achievements.

Current Opportunities

High Risk Zone (HRZ) Missions

Static Security and PSD for Overseas

Mobile/Convoy Force Protection

All levels

Firearms/Tactical Instructors

All levels, especially familiar with USMC range requirements

General prerequisites for both instructors and security operators:
1. Must be in good health and in excellent fitness condition.
2. Must pass a physical combat fitness test.
3. Must be an excellent marksman with various small arms.
4. Job will require working overseas in High Risk Zones (HRZ).
5. Job will require availability 24/7 and for prolong periods.

Instructors and Operators background:
1. Navy SEAL.
2. Army Special Forces.
3. Army Ranger.
4. Marine Force Recon.
5. Marine Scout Sniper.

All selected candidates will go through a new combat preparedness course. No exceptions.