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Instinctive Shooting train qualified operators and found special Intervention Teams to deal with the most challenging situations in this volatile world. Either for domestic or international missions, visible or covert; Instinctive Shooting operators are trained to identify and react to threats and vulnerability points in order to minimize or avoid potential risks. Operators’ swift actions will reduce personal risk and ensure the safe handling and success of the clients’ objectives.


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The four hour course is only theoretical/classroom.
Directed To: Operators, Executives, Dignitaries, Diplomats and their families.
This three-day intensive course is oriented to the needs of personnel who are stationed abroad or travel both domestically and internationally. With security considerations in mind, personnel from various sectors will reduce personal risk and ensure the safe handling and success of their objectives.
The Operator Self Defense© course will expose the operator to various preventive measures against potential risks, which include kidnapping, sabotage, extortion, harassment, illegal trafficking and acts of terror.
The goal will be achieved by introducing the attendees to “no-nonsense” principles of preventive measures and proactive actions, identifying threats and vulnerability evaluation in order to minimize or avoid potential risks.

Participants will learn:
• Who are the bad guys?
• Preventive measures & pre-planning strategies.
• Safe travel practices.
• Hotel safety procedures.
• Safety driving tactics.
• Firearms familiarization (Lecture & Range option).

Course taught by top International instructors.

Medical Form on file required.

This course is highly restricted: only for DOD contractors, government and military personnel.

This 10-day course is one of Instinctive Shooting Int’l’s most demanding both physically and mentally for the civilian sector. The HRZTM course will prepare the security operator in a relatively short period of time to deal with the common situations that exist in high risk zones and hostile environments.

Some topics are not mentioned due to confidentiality reasons.

• Intensive training geared for properly entering high risk regions.
• Advanced rifle, pistol, and SMG combat training.
• Crisis Management and Control.
• Convoy Protection, Rapid Evacuation, and administering first aid.
• Military and Police Instructors train how to handle hostile incidents.
• This course is both physically and mentally challenging.
• Operational Emergency Tactical Response – Methods and Means.
• Convoy Security (tactical aspects) – Techniques and SOP
• Tactical Navigation – Urban and open field.
• Rapid evacuation and route planning.
• Bombs / Explosives Identification and search methods (IED).
• Understanding the field – familiarization with hostile and radical cultures.
• Undercover Protection – low profile protection detail and operational behavior in hostile grounds (becoming a local).
• Practical Simulations – role playing and simulating of real case scenarios.
• Learn from the Israeli experience.

• History and pillars of terrorism
• Why we need this training
• Recent terrorist incidents in the US
• Background
• Definitions
• Terror organizations
• Statistics
• Identify a suspected terrorist, suicide bomber
• Terrorists modus operandi
• Middle Eastern trends
• Islamic extremists
• The Zeal formula
• Motivations
• Culture
• Spiritual leaders effect
• Media effect
• Shahid’s mother
• Female suicide bombers
• And much more
Medical Form on file required.
Directed To: License to Carry permit holders

The Advanced License To Carry (LTC) Course is designed for those individuals who currently have a CHL/LTC permit and wish to enhance their skills. With the epidemic of violent assaults on the rise and police budgets getting cut it is important for the armed citizen to know how to defend themselves and their families.

• Safety brief
• Weapon manipulation
• Combat reloading
• Shoot from ready stance
• Draw from the holster
• Draw from concealment carry
• Quick sight alignment
• Reflexive shooting
• Shooting from unusual positions and circumstances
• Malfunctions handling under stress
• Close Contact Shooting dynamic drills
• Target transitions (multiple threats)

Medical Form on file required.
• Fighting Armed and Unarmed Assailants.
• Disarmament Techniques.
• Fighting and Suppressing multiple aggressors.
• Escape and evasion methods.
• Operator hostage situations.
• Developing Aggressiveness, Fighting Spirit and Courage.
• Psychology of Survival.
LTC Course content:
1. Texas DPS gun laws
2. Use of deadly force
3. Non-violent dispute resolution
4. Concealed and open carry, requirements and restrictions
5. Firearm storage & child safety
6. Handgun evaluation
7. Basic marksmanship
8. Final written test
9. Handgun proficiency

Information about this class:
Must be legal resident, must be 21 or older with valid photo ID or 18 or older if currently serving in or honorably discharged from the US military. Extra for state fee, gun rental and ammunition, gun range fee is included. Not valid for fingerprinting. You MUST practice with a handgun prior to class. To qualify you must pass (70%) both TX DPS written test and handgun proficiency. ISI offers personal handgun classes.

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“Class was excellent. The hands on training and the ability to apply to real life.”
Special Agent, U.S. Department of Justice