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The general public has become the prime target of attacks, especially large populated buildings such as schools, malls, hospitals and business places, since they are considered “soft targets”. Training and mental alertness are geared to counter plausible risks.


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LTC Course content:
1. Texas DPS gun laws
2. Use of deadly force
3. Non-violent dispute resolution
4. Concealed and open carry, requirements and restrictions
5. Firearm storage & child safety
6. Handgun evaluation
7. Basic marksmanship
8. Final written test
9. Handgun proficiency

Information about this class:
Must be legal resident, must be 21 or older with valid photo ID or 18 or older if currently serving in or honorably discharged from the US military. Extra for state fee, gun rental and ammunition, gun range fee is included. Not valid for fingerprinting. You MUST practice with a handgun prior to class. To qualify you must pass (70%) both TX DPS written test and handgun proficiency. ISI offers personal handgun classes.

REALTORS: Your Safety, Your Protection, Your Life!
Course # 02-00-116-27995

This two-hour MCE class is oriented to the needs of real estate agents and their families. With security considerations in mind, real estate personnel will reduce personal risk and ensure the safe handling and success of their business objectives.

The REALTORS: YOUR SAFETY, YOUR PROTECTION, YOUR LIFE! MCE class will expose the attendees to various preventive measures against potential risks, which include deadly force, kidnapping, sabotage, extortion, harassment and other acts of violence.

The goal will be achieved by introducing the attendees to “no-nonsense” principles of preventive measures and proactive actions, identifying threats and vulnerability evaluation in order to minimize or avoid potential risks.

Students will have 10 minutes break between hours.
ISI Training Center will handle all registration and reporting paperwork to TREC.

In today’s world, anyone can find themselves facing unexpected hostile conditions at home, in the workplace or while traveling. This course will focus on identifying Threats, recognizing Vulnerabilities as well as assessing your Risk (T x V = R).

Training will expose the executive to basic preventive measures against potential risks, which include kidnapping, sabotage, extortion, harassment, illegal trafficking and acts of terror. This goal will be achieved by introducing the attendee to practical principles of preventive measures and proactive actions in order to minimize or avoid potential risks. With security considerations in mind, personnel from various sectors will reduce personal risk and ensure the safe handling and success of their business objectives.

Subject Areas:
Pre-planning strategies
Situational awareness and mindset
Identifying threats
Theft prevention and understanding local tactics
Kidnapping prevention
Home and office security
Active Shooter preparedness methods
Safe driving procedures
Counter surveillance technique
How to respond to terrorism and other unexpected crisis situations (Malls, Transportation, etc.)
Hotel security
Terminal security
Parcel bomb identification
Vehicle security sweep

Instinctive Shooting Int’l offers various training modules that will fit client’s budget and training needs.

One, three and five day training sessions for groups
Extended programs and workshops available

The Krav Maga Philosophy
Developed by Israel in the tough battlegrounds of the Middle-East, Krav Maga has been effectively adapted for the military, law enforcement and civilian use worldwide. It is the ideal self-defense system for use on the street – a place where no rules exist.

The Krav Maga System curriculum teaches the latest know-how from the field of security, counter terrorism, police tactics, criminal psychology, extreme condition survival, modern warfare and realistic survival fighting. It was developed and tested under the most demanding circumstances and used by elite military and police forces and people who had to depend on it to survive. The Israeli Fighting System is constantly updated with the most current mental, physical and legal skills available. Our comprehensive programs provide a depth of practical knowledge and experience, unmatched from any other source. Information you can use and depend on.

Several main criteria should be used to examine and understand any defense technique in Krav Maga.
The technique should:
Be based on natural instincts/reactions.
Be simple and usable by people of different strengths and body sizes.
Work from a position of disadvantage or poor state of readiness.
Address the immediate danger.
Include a simultaneous (or nearly simultaneous) counterattack to neutralize further attacks.
Be comprehensive enough to cover a wide variety of scenarios.
About the instructors:
All Instinctive Shooting Int’l Krav-Maga instructors are certified by the Israel Krav-Maga Federation in Israel and are authorized to teach on its behalf.
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