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Instinctive Shooting system is constantly tested and updated with the most current mental, physical and legal skills available. It has down to earth training curriculum and services and is stripped away of non-essentials. It is based on extended experience gained in multiple regions, including but not limited to Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza strip and Israel.

We believe in training that not only meets, but exceeds current professional training standards. The result is a well prepared military personnel and operators which has the confidence, competency and skill level to rapidly and effectively respond to a range of hostile situations from threats and incidents arising from asymmetric warfare.


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“The Invisible Unit”

The most comprehensive, advanced and up-to-date antiterrorist tactical course offered today in the US.

• Course curriculum contains all the warfare foundations of fighting terror. Students will get familiar with all the tools needed for the anti-terrorist field. The course will impart all the basics that will enable the student to branch out and develop in this field.
• This course is a MUST for anyone who wishes to get involved in the field of Micro Environment, High Risk Terrorism Warfare.
• Upon completion of this course, Instinctive Shooting Int’l offers various advanced courses in order to complete the qualification.
• Course is taught by former commanders of Israeli Elite Anti terrorist unit with extensive operational experience.
• Courses are offered in the US.
• For more information, please contact us.


When the success of an entire mission depends on one or a few crack marksmen, pinpoint accuracy is of the essence.  Training military and law enforcement to this level of excellence demands precise simulation of actual scenarios in any condition.

  • Principles of sharp shooting.
  • Identifying the role of the sniper involved in a terrorism incident.
  • Identifying the role of the sniper in a military operation.
  • Firearms and scopes familiarization.
  • Night vision technology and use.
  • General ballistic applications.
  • Live drills, day and night exercises based on actual experience.
• Accurate and Superior handgun skills using natural instincts.
• Draw, Point, and accurately fire in one second.
• Battle proven scenarios using a Close-Quarters combat system.
• Highly effective and “Easy to Learn” adoptive technical skills.
• MOUT drills.
Medical Form on file required.
• Rifle and pistol advanced tactics.
• Command and Control procedures, strategic thinking.
• Effective rapid deployment during MULTIPLE terrorist and criminal incidents.
• Delegate authority and missions to each team member.
• Entry, clearing and securing rooms, hallways, and stairs.
• Identifying First Responder gear.
• Identifying improvised explosive devices.
• Evacuation procedures and protocol. Know when to declare the object as “safe.”
• Tactical first aid.
• Fighting Armed and Unarmed assailants.
• Disarmament Techniques.
• Fighting and suppressing multiple aggressors.
• Escape and evasion methods.
• Operator hostage situations.
• Developing Fighting Spirit and Courage.
• Psychology of Survival.
• Aircraft, train, school and commuter buses are one of the most frequent terrorists transportation targets.
• Instinctive Shooting Int’l Intervention instructors are experienced international Special Forces personnel who developed and refined takeover techniques.
• Learn how to stop, raid, neutralize threats, and rescue passengers.
• Course covers responses to single and multiple armed terrorists/criminals, hijackers and suicide bombers.
• Linear and 360 degrees assault techniques.

Students will be exposed to terrorists Modus Operandi, based on recent case scenarios ongoing both locally and abroad. Participants will learn new combat procedures in a hostile enemy environment.

Topics and Goals:
Surveillance Detection Skills; Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED) training; Individual Force Protection Measures; Off-Road Driving/Limited Visibility Driving; All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) training; Evasive Driving Skills; Counter Force Offensive Driving and Ramming tactics; Mounted Counter Ambush Drills; Dead Man Takeover exercises and Wounded Teammate drills; Less than Lethal Weapons training; Terminal Ballistic effects during vehicle ambushes; Field Expedient Bulletproofing; and Live Fire Vehicle Counter Ambush Drills. Training is designed to improve each operator’s ability to survive and counter mounted/vehicular ambushes and improvised explosive devices.

• Operational driving, 4X4
• Four wheeler driving, recon
• Convoy at night, two-car, day/night
• Driving in dusty conditions
• Driving with night vision
• Operational rescue
• Pursuit after an enemy vehicle, ramming, role-over the vehicle
• Convoy protection procedures in case of a mechanical problem
• Evasive maneuvers

Location: US Military Bases, LE Training Centers.
Facility, vehicles and training aids will be provided by ISI.
Students must bring their own protective gear and weapons (M9, M4)

The instruction team will have 3 specialists per class, each one an expert in military mobile force protection, counter terrorist combat and special operations. References and past performance are available per request. On site training per request.

• Federal and State statutes in the U.S. permit law enforcement agencies from various branches, to enforce law and the order, and to increase public safety.
• Experience shows that a simple gathering has the potential to escalate to an armed and violent riot.

Goal: Operators will learn and practice command and control during various levels of crowd violence.

General: To elevate the operational capabilities of the unit when dealing with the three levels of crowd disturbances –
• Peaceful demonstrations
• Crowd disturbances, unarmed
• Mob violence, armed

• Enhance crowd control skills.
• Enhance and test command capabilities under stressful scenarios.
• Learn how to select the means of control.
• Become familiarized with the entire operative forces and systems.
• Learn different strategies and structural deployments in the case of crowd violence.

Directed To: Bomb Technicians, Explosives Point-men Combatants, Police, Military and Government of the United States.

• Taught by top International Instructors with extensive field and combat experience.
• Work with the most advanced training and product development in the world.

• Consulting Specialists
• Bomb Disposal Experts
• Writing procedures, guidelines and safety instructions.
• Weaponry, Security & Special Unit consulting.

• Various aspects of demolition.
• Dynamic breaching techniques and products.
• Identifying & neutralizing car-bombs.
• Identifying & neutralizing booby-traps.
• Neutralizing Suicide bombers belts/vests.
• Working methods for defensive/offensive demolition.
• Marking “Dirty” zones.
• Destroy dangerous cache of weapons.
• Use of pyrotechnic elements in combat.
• Any customized request by the client.

Directed To: Commanders and Operators of the U.S. Military & Full-Time Federal/State Law Enforcement agencies.
• Fundamentals of marksmanship
• Dynamic assault
• Individual/Team tactics
• Night/Adverse shooting
• Urban obstacle course
• Action drills for sudden hostile fire
• Jamming/malfunctioning handling under stress
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“Mr. Hanan Yadin and his staff were top notch instructors. I would recommend them to teach the entire Armed Forces and I mean this sincerely, the training was very informative and it really helped our paratroopers to become better warriors. I hope that every military unit gets a chance to be taught by these silent professionals of ISI.”
MSG Anthony L. Waddy, NCOIC ABN Leaders Course 82nd ABN Division