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Learned more in three days than the entire police academy.

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PSD Training

Course Description

The personal security detail (PSD) is an intensive and comprehensive course designed to ensure the security and protection of the “executive/VIP” in war zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Operators will learn security planning, VIP and escort techniques for mobile and foot operations, first aid, communication methods, navigation, evasive driving, shooting from a moving vehicle,  how to react appropriately to threats, and how to cover and evacuate the VIP.

10 day
Military personnel only

Subject Areas

  • Vehicle preparation and levels of armor
  • Recon, area search and screening
  • Command and control, team member roles
  • Foot and mobile details
  •  Coverage in crowds, buildings and open areas
  • 360 degree security during movement
  • Motorcade arrangement and formation driving
  • Threat areas, general theatre and specific
  • Shooting from a moving vehicle
  • Krav Maga
  • IED detection, fire identification (chemical, electrical)
  • Counter assault team tactics and ambush scenarios
  • Evacuation routes and bailout techniques
  • Ramming techniques and evacuation drills
  • Down driver drills
  • Egress, tactical SOPs, rehearsals
  • Situational awareness and mindset
  • Specific gear for VIP protection


Gear and Ammo requirements

  • Tactical vest (5.1.1. style)
  • Handgun + 3 magazines
  • Rifle + 3 magazines, tactical sling
  • 1000 rounds per caliber (pistol, rifle)
  • Concealment holster and magazines pouch
  • Eye, ear protection
  • Training attire (BDUs)
  • Knee pads
  • Hat
  • Gun cleaning kit