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Class was excellent. The hands on training and the ability to apply to real life.

Special Agent, U.S. Department of Justice

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Advanced Urban Combat

Course Description

This physically and mentally demanding course focuses on upgrading team assault and special operations tactics in high risk zones and hostile environments. The unit will learn tools and techniques to deal with the variety of daily threats and attacks encountered in war zones. The course will include handling worst case scenarios and eliminating the non-essential to increase the probability of survival in hostile arenas. Our instructors bring fast-paced training based on years of combat experience.

5 day
Military personnel only

Subject Areas

  • Rifle and pistol advanced combat tactics
  • Command and control procedures, strategic thinking
  • Dealing with threats and attacks (roadside bombs, suicide terrorist, ambushes)
  • Effective rapid deployment during MULTIPLE terrorist and/or insurgent incidents
  • Mission planning and delegation
  • Identifying improvised explosive devices
  • Hostage rescue scenarios
  • Identifying early signs of escalation in high risk zones, how to “read the street”, when to evacuate
  • Understanding local cultural and tactics


Gear and Ammo requirements

  • Handgun + long rifle
  • Three magazines per weapon
  • Holsters: fast draw holster & pouch or duty rig
  • Ammunition – 200 rounds per day for each firearm
  • Eye/ear protection (goggles for intervention)
  • Helmet
  • Hood
  • Black facial paint
  • Tactical vest, or load vest
  • Kneepads
  • Training attire
  • Hat