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Instinctive Shooting Int’l has successfully trained thousands of police officers and SWAT teams. Our unique courses incorporate the latest techniques in counter-terrorism tactics and can be tailored to a variety of operating environments (urban, bus, train, crowds). We also customize our modules based on current officer skill and experience level, unit designation (patrol, SWAT), operating conditions (day-shift, night-shift) and legal parameters.

Excellence in policing is best achieved by elevating individual as well as team capabilities. Officers who are well-trained can rapidly execute a well-coordinated response and substantially reduce the risk of injury or loss of life for themselves, the general public and offenders.


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Medical Form on file required.
• History and case studies of mass shooting incidents in US and around the world.
• Rifle and pistol advanced tactics.
• Command and Control procedures, strategic thinking.
• Effective rapid deployment during MULTIPLE terrorist and crminal incidents.
• Delegate authority and missions to each team member.
• Entry, clearing and securing rooms, hallways, and stairs.
• Identifying First Responder specialized gear.
• Identifying improvised explosive devices.
• Combining rescue forces: Fire Dept. & EMS
• Evacuation procedures and protocol. Know when to declare the object as “safe”.
The most comprehensive, advanced and up-to-date antiterrorist tactical course offered today in the US.

Medical Form on file required.
• Course curriculum contains all the warfare foundations of fighting terror. Students will get familiar with all the tools needed for the anti-terrorist field. The course will impart all the basics that will enable the student to branch out and develop in this field.
• This course is a MUST for anyone who wishes to get involved in the field of Micro Environment, High Risk Terrorism Warfare.
• Upon completion of this course, Instinctive Shooting Int’l offers various advanced courses in order to complete the qualification.
• Course taught by former commanders of Israeli Elite anti-terrorist unit with extensive operational experience.
• Courses are offered in the US.
• For more details, please contact us.

• Federal and State statutes in the US permit law enforcement agencies, from various branches, to enforce law and the order, and to increase public safety.
• Experience shows that a simple gathering has the potential to escalate to an armed and violent riot

Directed To:
Military units, City, State and Federal agencies of the United States.

Operators will learn and practice command and control during various levels of crowd violence.

To elevate the operational capabilities of the unit when dealing with the three levels of crowd disturbances –
• Peaceful demonstrations
• Crowd disturbances, unarmed
• Violent mob, armed

• The students will enhance their crowd control skills.
• Students will enhance and test their command capabilities under stressful scenarios such as mob rioting.
• Students will learn how to prioritize and select the means for crowd control.
• Students will be familiarized with the entire structural and SOP of a crowd control unit.
• Students will learn different strategies and structural deployments of the operating forces in the case of crowd violence.

Medical Form on file required.
• History of SWAT units in the US and around the world.
• Identifying the most advanced team and personal gear and technology.
• How to organize a tactical response team and identify the needed gear.
• How to organize a front command communication center.
• Keeping personal tactical skills, fast movement and defensive tactics.
• Utilizing the roles of sharpshooters -observes.
• Crisis Zone approach, using diversionary devices and clearing the site.
• Climbing and rappelling techniques. (Advanced Course Only)
• Conducting assaults, motorized assaults and raids on fortified targets.
• Arresting and gaining control over a hostile suspect.
• Securing the crisis site and rescuing any hostages.
• Tactical first aid, latest technology.
Medical Form on file required.
Directed To: Full-Time Federal/State Law Enforcement Agencies
• Fundamentals of marksmanship
• Dynamic assault
• Individual/Team tactics
• Night/Adverse light shooting
• Urban obstacle course
• Immediate action drills for sudden hostile fire
• Evacuation drills
Medical Form on file required.
• Fighting armed and unarmed assailants
• Disarmament techniques of various weapons
• Fighting and suppressing multiple aggressors
• Escape and evasion methods
• Operator hostage situations
• Developing fighting spirit and courage
• Weapon retention techniques
• Psychology of survival
Directed To: Police chiefs, Intelligence Personnel
• History and pillars of radical Islam
• Suicide terrorism
• Why we need this training
• Major terrorist incidents
• Background
• Definitions
• Terror organizations
• Statistics
• Identify a suspected suicide bomber
• Terrorists modus operandi
• Middle Eastern trends
• Islamic extremists
• The Zeal formula
• Motivations
• Culture
• Spiritual leaders effect
• Media effect
• Shahid’s mother
• Female suicide bombers
• And much more
Medical Form on file required.
• Accurate and Superior handgun skills using natural instincts.
• Draw, Point, and Accurately fire in one second.
• Battle proven scenarios using a Close-Quarters combat system.
• Highly effective and “Easy to Learn” adoptive technical skills.
Medical Form on file required.
• Linear and 360 degrees assault techniques.
• Aircraft, train, school and commuter buses are one of the most frequent terrorist’s transportation targets.
• Instinctive Shooting Int’l Intervention instructors are experienced international Special Forces personnel who developed and refined takeover techniques.
• Learn how to stop, raid, neutralize threats, and rescue passengers.
• Course covers responses to single and multiple armed terrorists/criminals, hijackers and suicide bombers.
Medical Form on file required.
First Responder and Crisis Response Team

Directed To: Full time State & Federal members of Law Enforcement of the United States.

• To teach the operators immediate response drills and rapid deployment for primary and escalated “Mega Terrorism” scenario in the campus/school environment.
• Trainee will be able to differentiate between various hostiles and their objectives.

The trainees will be able to:
• Establish a relation with schools in their jurisdiction, which will define the responsibilities of the school executives and the police.
• Know the difference between Active-Shooter, Terrorist, or Criminal.
• Establish a command control, deployment and intervention tactics during “Mega Terrorism” event.
• Learn handgun and long rifle tactics in the school environment: entry, room clearing, hallway, stairwell, and evacuation procedures.
• Provide intelligence to SWAT or special task force when they arrive to the scene.
• Identify various Improvised Explosive Devices and their components currently discovered in Israel and worldwide, used by terrorists.
Course taught by top International instructors

Directed To: Police, Military, Government
• Instructors are Senior Level, Israeli Military and Police veterans of complex and dangerous operations.
• Course covers foot and mobile techniques.
• CQB shooting techniques.
• Combat shooting in close quarters and crowds.
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    We conduct a class with a minimum of 12 paid trainees and maximum 40. The host agency will be responsible to fill the class and must provide a safe training facility. Please refer to the Enrollment Form for further information by clicking here.

“I had the pleasure of attending two classes, taught by Hanan, in the past at the Allstate Center in St. Petersburg, FL. About a year ago, I was involved in a shooting, where the suspect had murdered a person and entered into a business with the intention of killing others. I was able to respond and engage the shooter, who then made me the target. With the training I received, I was able to remain calm, advance on the suspect and engage the suspect with my firearm at a close range. I am very thankful for the training I received, which was applicable in my situation, and wanted to let you know. Keep up the great work!”
Police Officer, Tarpon Springs City PD, First Responder