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ISI provided outstanding training that challenged our soldiers. Their professional knowledgeable instruction complimented our unit’s deployment experience and demonstrated new training techniques that will continue to be incorporated into our unit’s skill set.

First Lieutenant, US Army, Fort Hood

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About Us

Established in 1999, ISI is a full service tactical and anti-terrorism training firm headquartered in Houston, Texas. ISI also has a physical security arm that provides consulting solutions and crisis response to a variety of industries around the globe. Our clients include the U.S. military, law enforcement, government agencies, DOD contractors, school districts, private security professionals, corporations and individuals.

Combat Ready

Our objective is to make sure that you are prepared, tested and ready for the unexpected. We take a fresh approach in teaching tactical techniques to develop superior survival skills and combat mindsets. By merging American and Israeli "know how" we have set unmatched standards of training excellence.

Top Notch Instructors

Our instructors are highly seasoned experts who have extensive combat experience in fields that include Anti-terrorism, Tactical Response, Urban-based Policing, Intelligence-Counter Intelligence, Asymmetric Warfare, Combat Training, Explosives, Special Operations, Personal Protection and Aviation Security. ISI instructors are veterans of the U.S. Military Armed Forces, IDF (Israel Defense Force), General Security Service, Dignitary Protection Unit and Special Anti-terror Task Forces of Israel.

Mobile Training

ISI also maintains a mobile team of instructors in order to bring world class training directly to you as needed.


Commitment to Excellence  

Bottom-line - our mission is to deliver value and the best-in-class training to teach skills that will save lives. That's why we stay focused. That's why we are in business. That's why we continually seek improvements.
That is the ISI difference.


  • TCLEOSE - Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education
  • POST or Police Officers Standards of Training provider in numerous states



In the pre-9/11 environment, ISI focused on innovative training methods that helped police officers boost their tactical firearms and survival skills in response to an increasingly violent criminal element.  We trained thousands of officers in instinctive shooting methods and unarmed survival fighting and earned a trusted reputation in the law enforcement community.
After 9/11, ISI was able to bring to bear all of its resources, expertise and experience to work with U.S. military and government agencies in gaining a deeper understanding of radical Islam and provide proven tactical techniques to improve counter-terror operations.  
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, ISI was called upon to use its skills for a rapid deployment to protect private assets. Within 24 hours, an ISI team was assembled and dropped by helicopter into the disaster zone and operated in the hostile environment for 60 days with no incidents or incursions. ISI has continued to expand its physical security and crisis response services with resources stationed around the world.
Today ISI, LLC. provides a wide range of sophisticated training and consulting services. Our mission is to deliver best-in-class tactical and physical security solutions.





A. Comradeship

The ISI Instructor & Operator will always go to the aid of his students and comrades when they need his help or depend on him, despite any difficulty.  The ISI Management and Instructors, in all their actions, will uphold and strengthen the solidarity of their team in full cooperation with other law enforcement agencies, and in support of the overall goals of the law.

B. Discipline     

The ISI Instructor & Operator will execute completely and successfully all that is required of him according to the letter and spirit of his orders and within the framework of the law.  The discipline of ISI Instructors & Operators is their readiness to act to the full extent of their abilities, to carry out what is demanded of them completely, according to their understanding of the training objectives they have received, and successfully, according to the spirit of their orders. It is their readiness to obey orders amidst a constant striving to execute them with understanding and dedication. They will take care to issue only legal orders, and disavow manifestly illegal orders.  

C. Human Life     

The ISI Management and Instructors will, above all, develop training doctrines that preserve human life.  The sanctity of life in the eyes of ISI Instructors & Operators will find expression in all of their actions, in deliberate and meticulous planning, in safe and intelligent training. In evaluating the risk to self and others, they will use the appropriate standards and will exercise constant care to limit injury to life to the extent required to accomplish their training objectives.     

D. Personal Example     

The ISI Instructor & Operator will comport himself as is required of him and will, himself, act as he demands of others, thoughtfully and dedicatedly, aware of his ability and responsibility to serve as a role model to those around him.  The personal example of ISI Instructors & Operators is their acting as is demanded of them and as they themselves demand of others, their clear and convincing readiness to serve as an example to those around them, in their actions and comportment, to create, uphold and foster mutual identification and joint responsibility in properly carrying out their tasks and accomplishing their training objectives.     

E. Professionalism

The ISI Instructor & Operator will aspire to be familiar with and understand the body of knowledge pertaining to his position and will master every skill necessary for carrying out his duties.

F. Purity of Arms

ISI’s doctrines limit the use of force so as to prevent unnecessary harm to human life and limb, dignity and property.     

G. Professional Symbol 

The ISI Instructor & Operator will constantly see himself as a representative and an emissary of ISI and the law. As such he will act solely on the basis of the authority he has been given and orders he has been issued by ISI.  The Professional Symbol of ISI Instructors & Operators is their consciousness, expressed in all their actions that the weapons placed in their hands are given to them only as instructors of ISI Training Center and operators duly executing their orders in accordance with ISI rules and regulations, and the laws of the Country or State where services are taking place.     

H. Responsibility & Trustworthiness  

The ISI Instructor & Operator will strive in all his actions to fulfill his duties correctly and at the highest professional level, from exacting and thorough preparation through to true, honest, complete and precise reporting.  The trustworthiness of ISI Instructors & Operators is their reliability in fully carrying out their charge, using their skills, with the sincere belief and conviction that they are acting professionally.      



  • ISI Doctrines - Operational Level Training         
  • Defensive Strategy - Offensive Tactics for special task forces         
  • ISI training methods focuses on the human element – developing and upgrading personal skills and not based only on weapons and technology.         
  • Combining practical and theoretical training methods.         
  • Combining simulative training and live drills.         
  • Developing the student’s skills, self-confidence, fighting spirit, judgment and reaction capabilities under high stress situations.         
  • Providing operational services based on customer request.         
  • Any other customized subjects requested by the customer.




  • Firearm training and tactics
  • Anti-terrorist warfare procedures           
  • High Risk Zone operations
  • I.E.D. training – Mega Terrorism
  • Public safety & riot control
  • Strategic thinking for Military – Low Intensity Conflict (LIC)
  • Operator survival
  • Security consultation
  • Intelligence training
  • Hostage rescue
  • Crisis response



The Ethical Code of the US Military and the American Flag     

  • The Spirit of ISI is an expression of the identity, values and norms of the US Military and the American Flag.  It underlies every action performed in ISI by each and every instructor and operator.     
  • The Spirit of ISI comprises eight core ISI values. It defines and presents the essence of each of them, and includes basic principles, which express these values.     
  • The Spirit of ISI draws its values and basic principles from two traditions:           
  • The tradition of democratic principles, laws and institutions of the USA.           
  • The tradition of democratic principles, laws and institutions of ISRAEL.
  • The Spirit of ISI is the ethical code by which all personnel, officers, units and corps act.  It is the norm to guide them in forming their patterns of behavior.  They are expected to educate and critically evaluate themselves and others in accordance with these values and principles.


ISI Instructors and Lecturers are veterans of the US Military Armed Forces, IDF (Israel Defense Force), the General Security Service, Dignitary Protection Unit and Special Anti-terror Task Forces of Israel.    

ISI training programs and logos are registered trademarks. Any unauthorized use of our name or logo is a violation of federal and international laws. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.